Launched in Ward 7 and focused on the communities that border the Anacostia River and the region of the Anacostia watershed, Groundwork Anacostia River DC utilizes environmental restoration goals as a vehicle for community development. GWARDC’s objectives are to:

  • Increase the capacity of residents and stakeholders to improve, care for, and promote their local environment.
  • Reclaim vacant and derelict lands for conservation, recreation, and economic development.
  • Reconnect residents to their neighborhoods’ environmental assets, including parks, open spaces, and the Anacostia River and its tributaries

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Urban Archeology Corps


A partnership with National Park Service (NPS) and Groundwork Anacostia River DC (GWARDC), this pilot program gives five students the opportunity to take part in a paid, 10-week summer internship, during which they will research – through archeology, studying the cultural landscape of the community, traditional historical research, and oral history – Fort Mahan (an NPS site that is a local park as well as the site of one of Washington’s Civil War-era defenses) and the surrounding community.

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Parkside Plaza

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City Interests with Groundwork Anacostia River DC and Bradley Site Design, Inc. are working on a project for the construction of a new park in the Parkside community of northeast DC, featuring a large proportion of naturally landscaped lawn, with elements like signage at the front of the park and numerous planting beds with brightly colored flowers. It will also feature a public water sculpture from reknowned artist Barton Rubenstein. The Park will be a place of beauty and respite for old and new residents alike to gather and build relationships. It will also be considered a central focal point for the commercial development that will be added around it.

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Outdoor Nation Campus Club


The youth of the nation need access to the outdoors and with the support of retailers, outdoor educators and conservation groups, Outdoor Nation makes this happen. Outdoor Nation (ON), created by The Outdoor Foundation and supported by a diverse coalition of public, private and not-for-profit partners, is committed to increasing and expanding youth participation outdoors through entertainment, education, engagement and action - especially in urban communities and communities of color - resulting in a healthier, more active generation. Groundwork Anacostia has recently partnered their high school 'Green Teams' with ON and their Campus Club initiative through two local universities, Howard and Georgetown. They will hold meetings with these students, lead outdoor excursions to local parks and green spaces, and organize service projects that engage and improve the local community. GET THE FUN OUTDOORS!

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Deanwood Learning Garden


Deanwood is a pulsating with new life, undergoing a powerful revitalization with economic development and environmental sustainability as key components of the resurgence. Included in this resurgence is the Deanwood Learning Garden, being installed by GWARDC and partner Parson's the New School of Design. Located at 48th Street and Sheriff Road N.E. in Ward 7, this project is an outgrowth of the two solar homes that Parson's is helping to build in the Deanwood community. Students and staff from Parsons', Groundwork Anacostia, as well as a host of volunteers have completed 7 garden boxes that have now been planted with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. This garden will also include a raingarden with foot bridge and a community garden box for growing edibles. Groundwork will also work with the families to educate them on how to live in a 'net-zero' home.

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Bandalong Litter Trap


Washington D.C. has demonstrated its commitment to the environment and clean water with the purchase and installation of the nation’s first Bandalong Litter Trap™. Storm Water Systems, North America’s exclusive licensee of the Bandalong Litter Trap, installed the floating litter collecting device in the Watts Branch tributary into the Anacostia River, well-known for its critical levels of pollution and litter. The Bandalong Litter Trap in Washington D.C. is funded by a grant obtained through the collaboration of the District Department of the Environment (DDOE), Groundwork Anacostia River DC (GWARDC), and the Anacostia Riverkeeper. As an educational and training project, GWARDC staff and volunteers will continue to work with the DDOE to maintain and empty the Bandalong. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments estimates that more than 20,000 tons of trash enters the Anacostia River every year.

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Fort Mahan Trail Connector


A part of the Civil War defense systems of the National Park Services’ Fort Circle Parks, the Fort Mahan Trail Connector is in the heart of an urban neighborhood. Groundwork Anacostia DC partnered with National Park Service-East to improve the trail connector’s grounds with low-impact development, improved trail ground cover, and safety measures.

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