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A group of volunteers headed by Kristin Sullivan, an environmental studies major from  the University of Vermont, is currently working on a large body of research about environmental justice issues and the Anacostia River.  In her research, she provides a history of the pollution of the area from the late 1700s to today.  Her analysis includes not only the environmental changes the area has experienced, but also the social and political repercussions for the people living around the Anacostia as Washington, DC developed into a large urban center.  She looks at historical and current sources of these environmental and social issues:  poor infrastructure planning (water systems, sewers, transportation), lack of response from the government,  disinterested attitudes toward the environment, etc.  The volunteers were treated to a discussion on environmental justice issues by Mr. Irv Sheffey, Associate Field Organizer of the Washington, DC Sierra Club’s Environmental Justice & Community Partnerships Program. before heading out into Fort Mahan Park to recover nearly 1 ton of trash.  This included, bicycles, 15 milk crates, construction foam board and lots of recyclable and non-recyclable trash.  Thanks once again to all of our volunteers.  You make the difference!