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Nearly 10,000 of your neighbors have already made the switch to wind power with Clean Currents, and so can you!

-If you are a resident of Maryland or the District of Columbia, you can choose your electricity provider

-Clean Currents offers low fixed-price electricity rates

-Switching to Clean Currents involves NO installation of equipment and NO fees

-Your local utility will continue to handle billing and service issues

-There will be NO change in the dependability of power to your home

-It’s one of the easiest steps you can take to support a cleaner, greener future

By choosing 50% or 100% Clean Currents wind power at home, you are actively supporting domestic renewable energy development. Your wallet will thank you too because Clean Currents offers the most affordable green power in the region.

*Be sure to mention Groundwork Anacostia when you sign-up:
– $25 will be donated to support Groundwork Anacostia
– No penalty for canceling within 4 months & $10 will still be donated!

Questions? Call 301-754-0430 Ext. 3 or visit cleancurrents.com