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Launched in Ward 7 and focused on the communities that border the Anacostia River and its watershed, Groundwork DC uses environmental restoration goals as a vehicle for community development. Our objectives are to: Increase the capacity of residents and stakeholders to improve, care for, and promote their local environment. We reclaim vacant and derelict lands for conservation, recreation, and economic development, and are passionate about reconnecting residents to their neighborhoods’ environmental assets, including parks, open spaces, and the Anacostia River and its tributaries. Groundwork DC is part of a national network of local trusts dedicated to changing places and changing lives. 

Leadership and Team

In January 2017, Ronda Chapman became the Executive Director for Groundwork DC (GWDC). She’ll build on the great work of her predecessor and incorporate other elements of community well-being including issues such as restorative justice, nutrition, and mindfulness. Her first environmental job out of high school was as a canvasser for Greenpeace USA and throughout the 30 years that followed Ronda found herself living in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah as an active outdoor recreation enthusiast, obtaining an environmental history degree from Portland State University, managing sustainability programs for various local government institutions, training green organizations on diversifying the environmental movement, and advising environmental agencies on racial equity and community engagement. A DC area native, Ronda is looking forward to bringing her experiences to the place she calls home.

Shubhada Kambli helps with grantwriting, project management, and web design for GWDC. She is a community point person for the Breast Cancer and the Environment (BCERP) research project, assisting with planning and outreach for Ward 7 efforts. Shubhada has been a member of the Groundwork family since 2014, when she was Executive Director for Groundwork Bridgeport in CT. She’s worked with remarkable residents, scientists and leaders at the local, state and national levels, and is excited to grow GWDC’s environmental justice efforts in DC. Her advanced academic training in environmental studies is from Tufts and Harvard.