Green Team

Green Team SEED

“Why We Joined Green Team” video by Alisha Camacho Click here

The Green Team is one of Groundwork USA’s signature programs. Aimed at young adults, the participants receive instruction in conservation, environmental restoration, watershed restoration, park and trail management, community outreach and engagement, and cultural enrichment.

Our goal is to establish a partnership with area high schools to recruit and engage a Green Team of 10-12 students between the ages of 14 -18. The Green Team members will work with local elementary schools to develop and implement a service learning project. Just as importantly, Green Team members will use the knowledge and skills they acquire to guide their peers and family in understanding their impacts on the improvement and sustainability of the Anacostia River, its tributaries, and the Anacostia River watershed.

There are currently Green Teams  at 5 high schools in the District of Columbia: Cesar Chavez (Parkside Campus), Washington Math and Science Public Charter School, SEED Public Charter School, H.D. Woodson High School, and Dunbar High School.  We meet with our Green Team members once a week at each school and one Saturday a month for service learning projects away from the schools.