Top 10 Best Solar Fence Lights On The Market 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Solar lights are considered as environmentally-friendly and affordable solutions designed to light up your garden and any other spot in your home. This lighting solution is also so convenient in the sense that it helps in significantly saving money, energy, and time. The same is what you can get from the best solar fence lights.

best solar fence lights

Keep in mind that when you need to integrate lighting to any space outdoors, running power to the area is essential. This is not the case for the coolest and most reliable solar-powered outdoor fence lights currently accessible on the market. It is because you only have to look for a sunny spot where you can place the absorbent solar panel.

Once done, you can allow the natural power of the sun to do its job. This makes for a clean renewable energy solution in the form of solar lighting. Are you interested in making the renewable solar lighting solution a part of your home? Then here are ten of the top-rated, reliable, and high-end solar fence lights you might want to invest in.

Best Solar Fence Light Reviews of 2019

1. GIGALUMI 12-pc. Solar Deck and Fence Light

GIGALUMI 12-pc. Solar Deck and Fence Light

It is one of the best solar lights for vinyl fence posts and any other outdoor spot that requires some decorative accents. It can decorate and add an accent to your already attractive flower beds and garden. Aside from being decorative, I am also glad that it plays the role of boosting the security around your property.

This set actually comes with a dozen solar step lights with each one having 3 lumens and a bronze finish. These are actually warm white LED lights that are enough to keep your garden or patio yard well-illuminated. It also works excellently in decorating your outdoor fences, decks, mailboxes, docks, and staircases.

Installing this solar deck light also involves a quick and hassle-free process. All you have to do is to choose from its two mounting choices – installing it vertically or laying it down in a flat manner. I am greatly impressed with the overall durability of this solar deck light.

In fact, it is waterproof and is built in a way that it can resist or withstand all harsh things that might be exposed to it, including ice, snow, wind, and rain. The fact that it is fully solar-powered also means huge savings on your electric bills.

However, one noticeable flaw is that the provided screws are somewhat weak and prone to stripping quickly.
  • Bright and attractive solar lights, capable of decorating any outdoor space
  • Boosts the security around your property
  • Quick and hassle-free to install
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Can significantly lessen your electric bills
  • Somewhat weak screws that are also vulnerable to stripping quickly
The GIGALUMI 12-pc. Solar Deck and Fence Light is still a fantastic product for those who are searching for a decorative, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly lighting solution.

2. Davinci Solar Fence Post Light

Davinci Solar Fence Post Light

Another high-quality solar lights for chain link fence or any other type of fence in your home is the Davinci Solar Fence Post Light. I instantly sensed how amazing the overall quality of this solar post light is upon noticing that it is built in a way that it can meet the demands of real homeowners.

One remarkable trait I also noticed immediately is its strength or durability. It is strong enough with the help of the industrial-grade and tough plastic used in this solar post light. This material even comes with a UV fade protection property. It is also weatherproof. As for the LED lights, their lifespan will reach up to 100,000 hours.

I am also quite sure of the maximum protection received by the solar panels because of the hardened tempered glass used in the structure. The lighting fixtures are also flexible enough that you can fit them in all standard post caps that are either 4 inches or 6 inches in diameter.

It is also possible to mount the lighting securely on all flat surfaces, like deck tables and patio. The Davinci Solar Fence Post Light also continues to impress with its automatic setting or operation. This means that it will turn on automatically each time it is needed. This is made possible by the photo-sensor, which turns on lights automatically, especially at night.

I am also fond of the matte textured finish as it helps make the lights look even classier and more elegant.

One complaint I have, though, is the thinner base than what I initially expected.
  • Strong and sturdy with its industrial-grade and tough plastic construction
  • Offers protection from UV rays
  • Flexible as it can fit all standard post caps
  • Automatic settings
  • Features a matte textured finish, boosting the classy and elegant look of the light
  • Comes with a thinner base than what most people expected
With the aid of the Davinci Solar Fence Post Light, you can bring out the aesthetic appeal of your property and make it stand out from the rest.

3. OTHWAY Solar Fence Light

OTHWAY Solar Fence Light

Are you searching for decorative and functional solar lights for metal fence posts or for any other fence type or material? Then the OTHWAY Solar Fence Light will certainly meet your criteria. It is a great addition to your home if you want to show off your nice and beautiful fence, especially at night.

It can actually be described as a half-round light capable of producing a burst of lighting, which bounces off your fence and promotes an ambient and nice glow. This works as an impressive accent light. Combining it with other solar choices can also help supply a lot of lighting that does not require electricity for your yard.

Another amazing thing about this solar fence post light is that it also serves important security purposes. I noticed its contribution in preventing possible intruders from staying or breaking in your property. Another nice quality that I enjoyed right after I started using the fence light is its compactness.

It is compact enough that mounting it will also be easy and quick. It is a flexible solar lighting solution, too, since you can install it practically anywhere. The only thing that is needed is a wall where you can mount it. I am also glad that this comes as a set, which already comes with all the pieces required in installing it.

This confirms just how easy and quick it is to install this solar lighting. It is also unique in the sense that it successfully combined appearance and utility by producing a light, which is not only attractive to look at but also illuminates the area nicely.

The only downside I can complain about in this solar fence light is that it has a somewhat short run time (only three to five hours at full charge).
  • Provides a nice and ambient glow to wherever you decided to install it
  • Serves as a great and attractive accent light
  • Works in keeping your property safe and secure
  • Compact, making it easy to mount and install
  • Comes complete with all the pieces needed for installation
  • Short run time
Overall, this solar fence light is overwhelmingly impressive, making those who are searching for attractive solar lights for round fence posts or just any other energy-efficient fence light truly happy and satisfied with it.

4. Sunface Solar Deck and Fence Light

Sunface Solar Deck and Fence Light

The Sunface Solar Deck Light is also worthwhile to check out. Constructed from ABS plastic, I instantly sensed its durability and sturdiness. The material used has a major impact on letting the light stay in place while also withstanding the extremes, even heavy rains, snow, and other extreme weather conditions.

This solar deck LED light from Sunface also complements various parts of your home, including but not limited to your fence posts, stairs, backyard, deck, yard, and garden. What I find remarkable about this solar lighting is that it ensures that you will not have to spend a lot on electric bills.

It is also equipped with an automated switch and a sensor, thereby allowing the light to turn to life at night and turn off once the dawn comes. Another highlight in this Sunface Solar Deck light is its dual-mode lighting – the warm and the changing color lights that provide up to 7 choices.

Installing this solar deck light is simple, easy, and quick. In fact, you will most likely need only a minute to have it installed. Another thing that impresses me is that it is complete with all the screws you might need for the installation. It does not also need the use of complex wiring.

However, the run time is a bit shorter compared to the others as there are users who were able to take advantage of the lighting for 4 to 5 hours per night only. This duration might get cut even shorter during the winter when there are less sun and too much cloud.
  • Highly durable and sturdy ABS plastic construction
  • Can withstand even the harshest and extreme weather conditions
  • Useful for any outdoor space you decide to put it to
  • Equipped with an automated switch and sensor
  • Simple, easy, and quick installation process
  • Shorter run time than the others
Despite that, the Sunface Solar Deck Light is created with top-notch quality, reliability, and sturdiness in mind, so it will most likely exceed the expectations of the majority of those who decided to buy it.

5. Davinci Solar Fence Post Light with Clear Lens

Davinci Solar Fence Post Light with Clear Lens

This solar post light with clear lens from Davinci is another breakthrough product from this trusted brand. One of the numerous things that really draw me to this product is that it is created with toughness and rigidity in mind. The whole housing is tough and durable while also being UV-resistant, preventing it from fading.

I am in love with the matte textured finish used in this solar post light, too, because it adds class to its look aside from making it tougher. Another sign of the rigidity of this solar post light is its weatherproof construction, giving you the opportunity to use it even when there is snow, rain, or sleet.

The LED lights are also long-lasting as their lifespan can go as long as 100,000 hours. I am also happy with the built-in clear lens. I find this transparent lens stylish, adding an attractive accent light to all 4×4 posts found outdoors. It also has the flexibility of other high-end and high-quality fence lights.

The proof is that you can put it on all flat surfaces, including deck tables and your patio. I also notice the convenience of using this lighting solution as the built-in lights are not only wireless but are also fully self-contained. As for the installation, you will find pleasure in knowing that it does not consume too much time.

It is hassle-free as you are not required to connect messy wires to a source of power. You can even do it alone, helping you save money since you no longer have to pay for a professional to do it.

However, some are not satisfied with the overall brightness of this solar post light.
  • Tough and rigid construction
  • Can prevent it from fading due to its UV-resistant nature
  • Long-lasting LED lights, can live for as long as a 100,000 hours
  • Weatherproof, giving enough protection from snow, rain, sleet, or any other harsh elements
  • Flexible built and hassle-free installation
  • Not as bright as the others
Still, the Davinci Solar Fence Post Light that features clear lens delivers its intended function pretty well, especially in terms of being an attractive accent light.

6. JSOT Solar Gutter and Fence Light

JSOT Solar Gutter and Fence Light

I am also drawn to the JSOT Solar Gutter and Fence Light, which is why I made it a point to include this lighting solution in this review. I think that it stands out because of its unique look, which makes for great decorative lighting to any part of your home, like the pool, walkway, fence, gutter, or even your walls.

The overall quality of this gutter light is impressive as it is constructed from environmentally friendly and tough ABS material. With this toughness, I am sure that you can get rid of all your worries when planning to use it outdoors regardless of the weather.

It also boasts of its IP55 waterproof rating, making it even tougher than other solar lights. I also like the long run or operating time of this solar deck light. It can lighten up for a max of 8 hours after a full charge, making it ideal for your garden, deck, or pool. It makes use of nine upgraded LED solar gutter lights.

These are brighter than the older versions of solar lights, so aside from serving as a great and functional decorative light, you can also use it to keep your property and you and the people you are living with safe. This means that it also functions as an incredible safety light.

It is waterproof, so using it in wet and rainy situations is possible.

However, you should avoid using it in corrosive environments as it does not have a corrosion-resistant property.
  • Functions as a good decorative lighting
  • Works as a security feature
  • Built out of an environmentally friendly and tough ABS material
  • Long run time, up to 8 hours
  • Waterproof, eliminating the risk of damage when used in wet and rainy situations
  • Not perfect for corrosive environments
With the distinctive look, brightness, and durability of this JSOT Solar Gutter and Fence Light, integrating it into your home is always a smart move.

7. DS Lighting Solar Gutter and Fence Light

DS Lighting Solar Gutter and Fence Light

In my opinion, the solar gutter light offered by DS Lighting is also one of the most trusted fence lights that homeowners can invest in. I find it amazingly impressive primarily because of its distinctive design. It has a distinctive shape, which follows the look of UFO, which lands on eaves, walls, fence, or any other spot at home.

I think this is the primary reason why it perfectly suits the requirements of those who wish to own the best decorative lighting for their pool, outdoor spaces, or any part of their home. It features 9 LED solar lights that also have large solar panels. With its rechargeable battery, you will have a constant supply of light without raising your expenses, especially your electric bills.

I also love the multiple installation techniques promised by this solar fence light. One way to do it is to set it up into a pathway or wall using just one short or long bracket. Another installation method is to use two brackets to clip it into the gutter or fence. The good news is that the distance between the used two brackets is adjustable.

Furthermore, it is popular for being eco-friendly, durable, long-lasting, and waterproof, so you can rest fully assured that it is capable of fulfilling its promises for quite a long time. This is made possible by the ABS material used in constructing it, which is capable of withstanding long years of wind, snow, ice, and rain.

However, some users were hoping that the included brackets designed to clip the solar lights into the gutter or fence are made of sturdier material.
  • Unique and distinctive UFO design
  • Fits various areas of your home
  • Works well as a decorative or security light
  • Offers multiple methods for installing it, making it more convenient to set up
  • Eco-friendly while retaining its durable and waterproof nature
  • The included brackets are not that sturdy.
Overall, this solar fence light from DS lighting serves as a nice and attractive addition to your home, which also has a positive effect on your electric bills as it can help lower it.

8. Westinghouse Solar 20 Lumens Fence Post Light

Westinghouse Solar 20 Lumens Fence Post Light

The Westinghouse Solar 20-lumen Fence Post Light is also compatible with the needs and requirements of many homeowners. It is a great product capable of shining a bright light to any area in your home. The light is genuinely attractive, which is the reason why many proved its ability to serve its purpose as an excellent decorative lighting solution.

I am happy with its sturdy all-weather construction, which can fight and resist any harsh weather conditions. It delivers a powerful 20-lumen output in cool white, delivering optimal lighting in the majority of cases. I am also fond of its auto-dim feature as it supplies maximum light from the batteries every night.

This feature is convenient to use as you just have to change the set 20-lumen output into a 5-lumen output. Doing this can further increase the number of hours it operates or runs each night, giving up to ten hours. It is equipped with an internal sensor, too, which works in automatically turning the lights either on or off.

With that, it is no longer necessary to use an expensive timer. The total price of this product already includes all the things you need to make it work, including the rail mount and the batteries. The light also looks nice while having the ability to deliver much brighter lights than any other solar lighting options.

You will not also have problems installing it on your own as it will only most likely take five minutes or so of your time.

However, some complained about it not fitting that well on their 4×4 posts.
  • Sturdy all-weather construction
  • Can deliver optimal lighting and brightness in most parts of your home
  • Equipped with an auto-dim feature to increase its run time
  • Features an internal sensor for automatic operation
  • Quick installation
  • Problems on fit
With the sturdy construction and the bright light delivered by this solar lighting solution, investing in it will give you a valuable return anytime soon.

9. AZIRIER LED Solar Outdoor Fence Light

AZIRIER LED Solar Outdoor Fence Light

You can also pick the AZIRIER LED Solar Outdoor Fence Light if you wish to take advantage of solar lighting, which is guaranteed to illuminate the spot where you installed it beautifully. It can get rid of the challenges you have linked to having a dark area in your home, like your yard. It can shine a decorative and bright light to it right away.

Being a decorative lighting solution, it also works effectively in beautifying your garden. I like the sharp and distinctive design of this LED solar light. This brand even supplies a wide range of lampshades and lights capable of illuminating various lighting shapes. With that, beautifying any part of your household will be easier.

It is energy-efficient as it gets its power from a free source, solar energy. It also supports long-term operations. In terms of installation, you will never encounter any issues as it is not complex. It does not involve the use of wires so doing it on your own is even greatly possible.

This product can supply a warm 10-lumen light, which is bright enough for the spot where you installed it. It improves your safety and visibility. In addition, the light it offers is decorative and charming enough, so it is definitely going to make your home a nicer place to stay in.

It is built to be weather-resistant through the sturdy and high-quality materials utilized in its construction. It can confront the harsh weather, making it perfect for your outdoor space.

However, one flaw I discovered is its somewhat short run time.
  • Energy-efficient, giving you the chance to save money on electricity
  • Supports long-term use as it is built using sturdy materials
  • Weather-resistant, allowing it to handle all sorts of harsh weather
  • Decorative and charming light guaranteed
  • Boasts of a sharp and distinctive design
  • Somewhat short run time
Undoubtedly, this is one of the best solar fence lights that you can depend on because of its overall quality, affordability, sturdiness, and optimal lighting.

10. Paradise 4-pack Solar-powered LED Fence Light

Paradise 4-pack Solar-powered LED Fence Light

Searching for good solar lighting will also most likely introduce you to the Paradise 4-pack Solar-powered LED Fence Light, a prominent product in the industry. What I am primarily fond of about this solar light is that it is completely functional. In fact, it serves a dual purpose.

One is to illuminate anywhere you decided to set it up, like your walls, decks, or fences. The other one is to enhance the level of security in your home as it illuminates the dark parts of your home outdoors. You can also program its settings – for instance, you can program it in a way that it will turn on automatically at dusk.

It is also possible to program it to a motion sensor using its powerful 40-lumen LED security light. What is great about the built-in motion sensor is that it is capable of sensing motion from a 16-feet distance. It is constructed using the strong and stable stainless steel, somewhat proving its long-lasting nature.

It also uses black paint for its finish that has UV protection, so you can rest fully assured that the harmful UV rays will not damage it. I am also happy and satisfied with its effectiveness in boosting your home’s aesthetic look. Setting it up is also quick as there is an easy to follow installation template included in the purchase.

However, it does not have a dimming feature, which a lot of people find useful.
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a motion sensor
  • Strong and stable stainless steel construction
  • Can protect the entire product from the harsh UV rays
  • Can boost the security and aesthetics of your home
  • Lacks a dimming feature
Overall, this affordable solar fence light delivers what it intends to do, especially in terms of the light output, so buying it is indeed a safe move.

What is Solar Fence Light?

best solar garden fence lights

If you have a particularly long driveway, or there is a pathway along the side of your house leading to the backyard then you can make them particularly more beautiful by installing an array of the best outdoor solar fence lights. Not only will you make it easier to traverse those pathways during dark nights, they also give a hauntingly beautiful glow to your house.

As mentioned in the name, the best solar lights for fence do not need an external power source to function. You just install it on your fence, turn on the main switch and it will automatically start functioning. First of all, it will start recharging the included NiMH high-capacity batteries then turn on the LED fence lighting when it gets too dark outside.

There are also a lot of models that come with built-in motion detectors, which means that if something moves in front of the light fixture, it will automatically turn on and illuminate the path. Since these lights are all powered by solar energy, you do not have to worry about them adding more digits to your electric bills.

Also, because these lights use relatively robust materials, you will only need to do basic equipment checks every month or so.

How Does It Work?

The basic solar fence lighting system has several parts. These include the lights, solar panel, integrated circuit, and the batteries. The lights used by most solar fence lighting solutions are almost always LED lights nowadays. You can choose from different tones of light. Most people like to use warm lights for their fence top solar lights as they seem more relaxing and cozy while still providing enough illumination.

The great thing about LED lights is they basically last for years so you do not really have to replace them that often. The built-in solar panels that come with the brightest solar fence post lights are just big enough to fully charge the batteries after a couple of hours of direct sunlight.

Speaking of sunlight, you need to make sure that the solar fence lights receive ample amount of sunlight (at least four to six hours of direct light) to fully charge the batteries. The integrated circuit of the solar fence lights are the brains of the unit. The IC controls everything.

These include cutting off the charge to the batteries once they are full, turning on the lights when the motion detectors are tripped, turning them on when it gets too dark outside, and many other things.

The batteries of the outdoor solar lights for fence are either built-in, which means you will not be able to replace them, or replaceable, which means you have to purchase maybe two to four AA NiMH batteries for each light.

If you will be installing a lot of good solar fence cap lights then it might seem like you will be spending a fortune on batteries but the thing is you only have to replace them every one or two years.

Types of Solar Fence Lights

best solar fence post light

There are a few different types of lights that you can affix on your fence. First, there are the aptly named solar fence lights. If you want to give your yard a gentle, non-blinding light that is also a beautiful way of marking out your lot boundaries at night, these lights are the best choice.

Because fences have posts, you can also install post lamps. Depending on the kinds of posts that you have installed on your fence, there will be a design that is well-suited for it. For instance, if you have a high wooden trellis fence, you can attach decorative solar post lamps (the ones that look like wrought iron gas lamps, but are actually made of tough plastic) to give your yard a nice glow.

You can also place lights at the base of the fence if your fence is not that high, like maybe a chest-high picket fence. There are many choices in this regard, but many seem to prefer the solar path lights, like the ones that you bury and spread a good amount of light along the ground. These are also great lighting solutions in case you want to light up a pathway but you do not want to drown the whole area with light.

There are also high quality solar powered fence post lights that have motion sensors that will turn on the lights when they sense any kind of movement in the nearby area. This is not only ideal for lighting up your path as you walk along your fence. It can also deter intruders from jumping over your fence.

Benefits of Solar Fence Lights

There are many benefits that come with owning solar fence lights, and we will try to fit as many as we can here.

They are completely eco-friendly – First of all, these lights run on solar power, so they will not contribute to the huge amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere today. Second, they are made using long-lasting components.

The LED lights can last virtually forever. The batteries are NiMH so they can be repeatedly charged and discharged for a full year or two before they need replacement.

They will not add costs to your energy bill – As mentioned earlier, high quality solar fence post lights only rely on the sun for their source of power. This means that you can light up your entire backyard with numerous solar lights and yet your electric bill will still remain the same.

Yes, you might need to shell out a good chunk of change for the high-end lights but that would only be one-time deal. In addition, these lights will pay for themselves in electrical savings in no time.

They can deter intruders and burglars – Even if you have CCTV cameras watching every corner of your home, intruders will still find ways to slink into the corners and inch closer to your home. However, if you have motion-triggered fence lights, there will be very few blind spots left in your property, discouraging ne’er-do-wells from even stepping inside your property.

These lights are great complements for CCTV camera systems as they can provide more light so the cameras can capture clearer and more detailed videos of any intruders who are foolish enough to go into your property uninvited.

They are very low maintenance – If you are discouraged from installing solar fence lights because you do not have enough free time to maintain every single one of them, you shouldn’t. High quality solar garden fence lights are practically maintenance-free.

The LED lights? They are almost indestructible, they can light up your yard for years on end and you still would not need to replace them. The batteries that are used to power the lights? They are rechargeable Nickel Metal Hallides, which means you only need to replace them every year or two.

The only bit of “maintenance” that you need to do is clean the solar panels every six months or so. The best way to do it is by pointing your garden hose at the lights and blast away any dust and debris that are on them.

They are easy to install – In the past, you have to carefully plan out where you want to put your fence lights because you also have to take into consideration the amount of electric cable that you have to lay out just to power every one of them. However, with solar fence lights, you just have to walk along your perimeter fence and drill holes where you want to install the lights.

The only thing that you need to plan ahead for is if the location of the lights get enough direct sunlight every day to get a full charge. Typically, to fully charge the batteries of a regular LED fence post, they need six hours of direct sunlight, so ideally, you should observe the area first before installing solar fence lamps.

Buying Guide

best outdoor solar fence lights

When it comes to solar lights for fence posts, you do not buy just one or two. Even if you will only be lighting a small yard, a lanay, or a patio, you will need at least four to get enough light. This means you might be spending upwards of a hundred dollars to light up your perimeter fence.

This makes it necessary to ensure that you get lights that provide the most value for your money. Here are some of the factors you should consider when shopping for solar-powered fence lights:

The use of the lights – Will you be using the solar fence lights mostly as a way to highlight the boundaries of your property? If so, then you can use the ones with a lower wattage. These kinds of light will only throw just enough light to highlight the fence and not much more.

Now, if you want to illuminate a path, lights with higher wattages are needed. Also, you might want to choose a different design of fence light – one that actually throws light onto the path and not just disperses it is ideal.

The amount of sunlight hitting the area – You really need to pre-plan where you will be placing your solar fence lights because they need to be in a place that actually gets hit directly by the sun for at least four hours a day. If the house next door casts a huge shadow over your fence during the morning, and the shadow of your house drapes the fence in darkness during the afternoon, then installing solar lights for fence panels in that particular area will all be in vain.

If you are really bent on installing lights on there, then be prepared to charge the batteries of the lights every other day or so using a wall charger. Or better yet, if you are handy with your hands, and you know a bit of electrical wiring, you can attach a small solar panel that catches sunshine almost all day then run wires from it to the fence lights.

The overall climate of your area – There are just some places where using anything solar-powered is not really efficient. For instance, if you live in a place where the winter season is pretty much the whole year, then solar lamps will not really work.

In addition to your place not getting that much sunlight, the freezing weather will destroy the fixture. These lamps are designed to withstand rainfall and high temperatures but subject them to freezing cold temperatures and they will most likely break.

Motion sensors or light sensors? – Some solar lights will turn on once it gets too dark outside, and will automatically turn off at sunrise when the surrounding area begins to wake up. There are also solar fence lights that have motion detector switches.

These will turn on when someone, or something crosses its boundaries. These are ideal for driveways, as they will automatically light up when you park your car at night. You no longer have to fumble for your flashlight when you get off your car as there will already be lights outside to help you navigate in the dark.

Motion detectors also help when you do not want the lights in your yard to be on all night. These lights will automatically turn off when their sensors no longer detect any movement in the vicinity.

Battery capacity – Some fence lights come with battery sleds that can take two AA batteries while others can take 4 batteries. If you do not want the lights to be all that bright, like if you will only be using them to light pathways and maybe just highlight the fence, get the fence lights that use just 2 NiMH batteries. These charge much faster but also drain quicker than those with four batteries.

If you want a brighter light, get the ones with four or more batteries. These lights can actually produce enough light that you can somewhat read a newspaper underneath them. These lights are great for when you like having friends over for outdoor barbecues. These bright fence lights will ensure that your parties can last through the night.

Customer reviews – The great thing about modern living is that you can purchase products online and just wait for them to get delivered at your doorstep, and these include solar fence lights.

One of the advantages of online shopping is you also get to browse what other customers have to say about the products you are thinking of buying. Browse through as many solar fence lights reviews as you can and find the ones with the most positive comments.

These are only some of the considerations that you need to make when you are shopping around for solar fence lights. Try to check out as many products as possible before settling on just one.

Care and Maintenance

One of the best qualities of solar fence lights, and other solar lighting solutions in general, is that they are pretty much low maintenance. There are only a few things that you need to do to ensure that your solar fence lights can last for as long as you need them to.

Clean the solar panels every six months or once a year – For deep cleaning, you will need a bit of soapy water in a spray bottle and a damp rag. Just spritz a bit of the soapy water on the solar panels then wipe off any of the dust and debris stuck on the surface of the panels.

For regular maintenance purposes, just spraying the solar fence lights with water from your garden hose will be enough to knock off most of the dust that settled on top of the solar panels and make them more efficient at producing electricity.

Check the lights for any damages – Every once in a while, inspect the lights for any signs of damage, like cracks in the housing (this might cause water to leak inside and cause a short circuit), leaking batteries, busted batteries, and others.

If you find any cracks, seal them up again using weatherproof sealant to prevent dew or rainwater from getting inside the plastic housing. If the damage is too big to repair, then you might need to order replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Replace the batteries – Even the cheapest NiMH batteries only need to be replaced once a year. Even when the solar lights are left on overnight every day, the batteries could still work as they should.

However, if a bit of corrosion gets to the batteries, they will start to deteriorate and begin venting acid. If you find batteries that have a bit of rust on them, replace them immediately and properly dispose of the old ones.

Check the housing for wasps or bees nests – Wasps and bees like to make nests out of lighting fixtures, so you should check yours out occasionally for any signs of an infestation. You can usually find them in the ones that are placed in shady areas.

In most cases, these bugs like to build nests in the space between the fence and the light fixture. However, if there is a hole in the housing of the light then that is where they will crawl through.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best lumens for solar fence lights?

The intensity of the lights that your solar fence lighting can produce should be based on your particular needs. If you are only thinking of using these lights to give an eerily beautiful glow to your perimeter fence then get the ones with the lowest wattage that you can find.

These lights will just give off enough light to highlight the fence but not much of anything else. Now if you have a pathway beside your fence, you can add solar pathway lights installed at the base of the fence so you can see the path clearly even during the middle of the night.

If you have a high fence and you want to light up the path alongside it, you will need fence posts that have flood lights, or at least some high wattage LED lights. However, one thing you need to understand when lighting paths at night is that you should never use so many lights in a way that they can make it look like the daytime. Use just enough to make the pathway visible.

What solar fence lights stay on the longest?

If by longest you mean how long before the batteries are completely discharged then the answer will be the ones that use at least four AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, and the lowest possible wattage for LED lights. These kinds of fence lights can stay on for the entire night and still have some juice left in the batteries.

Now, if you are talking about how long the lights stay on when they are switched on by a motion detector then it will depend on the brand and model. Some have default settings of around five to ten seconds of light. However, others stay on for at least one minute and may be set to remain on much longer.

Where to hang solar lights on a fence?

Ideally, the solar fence lights should be attached on a solid mounting position, and on a fence that would be on the fence posts. Installing on the fence posts not only assure that your lights will have more than enough material to screw into. Having them on the fence posts will also ensure equal spacing between the lights.

How to attach solar lights to fence?

Most solar fence lights are actually pretty easy to install that you do not even need anyone’s help to install them. Here is how easy it is to install new solar fence posts in your own yard.

First of all, you need to prepare the tools and materials that you will need for the project. Of course, you have to prepare the solar fence lights. If the fence is made of wood then you will need some wood screws. If the fence is concrete then you should use a hammer drill, the right-sized concrete drill bit, wall plugs and others.

Take off the front cover of the fence lights. This will uncover the mounting holes for the fence lights. Once you have decided on the placement of the light, grab a pencil and poke it through the mounting holes so you will know where to drill pilot holes for the screws.

Drill holes at the pencil marks that are just deep enough for the mounting screws. If you will be mounting the lights on concrete, insert wall plugs so there will be something for the screws to hold onto.

Screw on the base of the lights. Just tighten them enough to stay in place. Once the base are secure on the posts, put in the batteries into the battery sled then replace the cover of the light. Turn on the unit and it will start recharging the batteries. It will automatically turn on when it gets too dark outside.

Where to buy solar fence lights?

Solar light fixtures have become so popular these days that all big box outlet stores carry them. You can probably get what you want in Lowe’s, Home Depot, or even in Walmart. These stores must have at least a dozen or so different styles.

However, if you want to have even more choices, you should check out Amazon. There are literally hundreds of different types of solar lighting solutions to choose from. The best thing is that they also come with customer reviews so you can find out which of them are the top rated solar fence lights.


Solar panel technology has really come so far these days. Solar panels have become a whole lot more efficient these days that they are considered as viable alternatives for powering homes. You can even light up your home without spending another cent for electricity.

For instance, you can set up an array of the best solar fence lights that can stay on the whole night without worrying about them increasing your electricity consumption. These solar fence lights are just few of the many different outdoor lighting solutions these days that rely on solar energy as their main source of power.

Now, you can enjoy a beautifully illuminated yard at night without worrying about skyrocketing your electric bills.

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