Best Solar Flood Lights 2019: Reviews & How to Choose?

Solar powered items are very popular nowadays. Not only will you be able to save on your energy bills, but you will also be helping the environment. But there are so many solar items being sold today, how would you know which is the right one for your needs? You have to be extra cautious especially with items that relate to your security, such as floodlights.

best solar flood light

Worry not; I’ve done the hard part. I have tested many and have narrowed down to the best solar flood lights being offered today. Without further ado, here are ten solar flood light reviews that can help you decide which one is best for your property.

Best Solar Flood Light Reviews of 2019

1. LITOM Premium Outdoor Solar Flood Light

LITOM Premium Outdoor Solar Flood LightIf you are planning to light up a wide area of your property at night, one of the best solar flood lights that will help you do the job is LITOM Premium Outdoor Solar Flood Light. This is one of the most popular brands of commercial solar flood light these days that is not only affordable but highly reliable.

There are many things that I like about this solar flood light. First is its wide range. The motion sensors can detect up to 215 square feet. When I tested it, the LEDs light up immediately as soon as I was on the range. It lights up for 30 seconds the moment it detects a movement within its range, and lights up for another 30 seconds when it detects another movement. The more consecutive movements that it detects, the longer the light will stay on.

The 550 Lumens light, on the other hand, is not glaring. This particular brand has the coolest light of all the solar flood lights that I have encountered. I can see within the solar floodlights range without hurting my eyes.

The internal battery charges for about 4 to 5 hours. This is good particularly to areas in the United States that don’t enjoy 12 hours of sunlight. Another thing that attracted me to purchase this product is the quantity. I got 4 pieces of floodlights for an absolutely affordable price.

What this product needs to improve is its waterproofing. Two of the four flood lights included in the pack fogged. As it may be the case, all of them are still working perfectly as of this writing.
  • 550 Lumens of LED light
  • Highly sensitive motion sensor
  • Comes with 4 flood lights in one pack
  • The solar panel can fill the battery for only 4 to 5 hours of sunlight
  • Prone to fogging
In conclusion, I believe that LITOM Premium Outdoor Solar Flood Light is an excellent product. The design is sleek, plus the solar panel and the internal battery provides enough solar power for the night. It is affordable, functions great as intended, and provides illumination the instant the sensors detect a movement within its radius. I will definitely continue using this solar flood light more.

2. Westinghouse 2000 Lumens Solar Powered Flood Light

Westinghouse 2000 Lumens Solar Powered Flood LightLooking for ways to save a great deal of money? The ultimate flood light that you should be using in your property is the Westinghouse Solar 2000 Lumens Flood Light.

What I like about this solar flood light is its intense brightness; this is the brightest solar flood light I’ve tried. The LED bulbs provide 2,000 lumens of illumination. In addition, it has three motion sensor options: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds. These three lighting modes are absolutely beneficial to me since I don’t see well at night. My eyes need time to adjust to the darkness of the surroundings before I see what I am looking for, so I chose the longest lighting duration.

The whole unit works automatically. Once the sensors have detected that there is very little sunlight available, it would activate the floodlight, and illuminate the area where it is pointed when it perceives movement. This is perfect for those who don’t want to switch the lights on every night. Also, if you’re not at home, you can be confident that your property would be secured because it is properly illuminated when it senses movement.

I have also noticed that the whole unit is very durable; the casing is made of a solid aluminum cast which protects the circuitry and the LED bulbs properly. In addition, it is also weatherproof and waterproof. Rain and snow do not get inside the circuitry. Plus, the color of the whole unit is very easy to the eyes.

What I don’t appreciate about this solar flood light is it only comes with one unit per pack. Other products offer up to four flood lights per pack. It means that I have to purchase three more in order to cover a wider area in my property.
  • 2,000 lumens of light
  • The solar panel absorbs more sunlight at a faster rate
  • Weatherproof
  • Shockproof
  • It has three motion sensor lighting options: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds
  • For its price range, it only comes with one flood light
As things stand now, the Westinghouse Solar 2000 Lumens Flood Light is a terrific solar flood light. I have seen its capability and it truly provides maximum illumination for every corner of your property. Because of the quality of light this product provides, I am very confident to move around my garden and garage even in the middle of the night.

3. Lemontec Solar Outdoor Security Light

Lemontec Solar Outdoor Security LightAnother bright solar flood light on this list is the Lemontec Solar Outdoor Security Light with Motion Sensor. If you’re looking for dusk to dawn solar flood lights, this is it.

What I like about this product is that it has three lighting modes: the strong long light mode, the dim light sensor mode, and the strong light sensor mode. The strong long light option means it will turn on at night and show the brightest light it can all through the night, or until the battery lasts. The dim light sensor mode allows the light to be turned on all through the night but at a low level. Once it senses movement, it becomes very bright. The final mode – the strong light sensor – is the default for most solar floodlights. It turns on in full power when it senses movement.

The LED bulbs are astoundingly bright at 2,000 lumens. The ambiance of the light is very easy to the eyes. It doesn’t hurt to stare against the light. I can easily see the path on my garden patio because the light is very bright.

Its motion sensor has a working radius of 10 to 26 ft. Its Li-ion battery capacity is about 3,400mAh – providing about 12 hours of illumination for only 7 hours of recharging. I was worried that the light would turn off halfway through the night if I use the strong long light option, but I was happy to be proven wrong.

One thing that can be immediately noticed is the absence of a hole for a screw. The adhesive tape is not strong enough to stick to stone or cement walls, so I had to get a piece of wood, drill it to the wall, then attach the unit to the wood with the tape.
  • Provides 2,000 lumens of light
  • The Li-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of lighting and recharges for only 7 hours
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Heat resistant
  • No allocated drill hole for the screws
On a final note, the Lemontec Solar Outdoor Security Light are awesome high powered solar flood lights. This high quality solar flood light with motion sensor instantly lights up as soon as it picks up movement within its radius when using the sensor modes.

4. iThird 21 LED 330 Lumens Solar Flood Light

iThird 21 LED 330 Lumens Solar Flood LightIf you need a compact solar flood light to help you navigate around your property during night time, the iThird 21 LED 330 Lumens Solar Powered Flood Light will provide will light on your way.

There are many positive things that I could report about this particular solar flood light. First of which is its impressive lighting modes. It has three adjustable lighting modes: sensor & dim light mode, sensor mode, and always on mode. It detects movement within 3-5 meter radius; not bad for medium-sized solar flood light.

Next positive thing is about its performance. I mounted this solar flood light on my garage fence and I could say that it performs wonderfully. When fully charged, this product can provide up from 8 to 12 hours of light.

The solar panel is large enough to receive the sunlight it needs to absorb. I have also noticed that the internal battery requires only 4.5 hours in order to recharge fully, mostly because of the large panel. This is perfect for places that don’t have 12 hours of sunlight.

The quality of light is the one thing that I think should be improved. It looks dimmer compared to the other flood lights because only provides 330 lumens of light with its 21 LED bulbs.
  • It has three lighting modes: sensor & dim light mode, sensor mode, and always on mode.
  • The solar panel is large enough to receive sunlight
  • The internal battery only requires 4.5 hours to recharge
  • This product only provides 330 lumens of light
All things considered, the iThird 21 LED 330 Lumens Solar Powered Flood Light is an excellent product to have, especially for areas with less sunlight hours per day. Its three lighting modes and sensitive motion sensor will make sure that your property is secured and well-lit all night long. It may seem dimmer compared to other solar flood lights but it still performs admirably.

5. LEPOWER 1500 Lumens Solar Powered Flood Light

LEPOWER 1500 Lumens Solar Powered Flood LightA solar flood light that can be adjusted according to your lighting needs without dismounting them is certainly beneficial, especially to those who want a flexible security light. This solar flood light called LEPOWER 1500 Lumens Solar Powered Flood Light will be able to provide you the illumination that you need.

I really like this product. Each unit has two sets of adjustable heads. The 180° adjusting angle in addition to 49-feet wide sensing capability is perfect for lighting other areas of your property that are usually not illuminated at night.

The whole unit is completely waterproof, thus saving you money and time from replacing it.

The motion sensor of this solar flood light is truly remarkable. It is sensitive enough to trigger illumination caused by small movements within its radius area. However, its light won’t be triggered by wind, rain, and even reflection from other light sources, which I consider a good thing.

What I can consider to be its best feature is its amorphous polycrystalline silicon solar panel. This type of panel can still absorb light during cloudy and rainy days. In short, the panel doesn’t need to be exposed directly to the sun in order to recharge the 3,000mAh Li-ion internal battery. It also includes a 15 feet cord. This is great for positioning the panel away from the flood light in order to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight.

Finally, what I truly appreciate about this product is its one year warranty and the 60 days money back guarantee. My solar flood light has no issues so far, but I like that I can send it back for replacement or repairs just in case it breaks.

What I don’t like about this product might just be a pet peeve, but is also important for me. There are spelling and grammatical errors in the instructions. I had to rely on my common sense in order to set the product right.
  • The solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to absorb energy
  • The 1-year warranty and 60 days money back guarantee for legitimate product issues
  • It has three operational modes: auto mode, normal mode, and test mode
  • The LED bulbs provide 1,500 lumens of bright light
  • The instruction manual doesn’t make any sense at all
After careful consideration, I believe that the LEPOWER 1500 Lumens Solar Powered Flood Light is a superb product to have. Its two adjustable headlights are very flexible. The solar panel is great and the 1-year warranty and 60 days money back guarantee will set your mind at ease about getting value for your money.

6. LEPOWER 3 Adjustable Heads Solar LED Flood Light

LEPOWER 3 Adjustable Heads Solar LED Flood LightLooking for a solar flood light that can do the work of three? This solar flood light from LEPOWER with 3 adjustable heads will not only give you your money’s worth but also provide you with outstanding performance!

What I like about this product is, of course, its triple-headed feature. Its three adjustable heads can be focused on certain areas in your property that doesn’t receive proper illumination at night. The headlights have a 180° adjustment angle which can be focused on a spot of your choice. And this unit can provide at least 1,500 lumens of light, which is very bright.

The whole unit is durable, weatherproof, and waterproof. It can withstand being exposed to rain and extreme heat outside. The casing is hard enough to withstand dropping to the ground. Furthermore, the amorphous polycrystalline solar panel is wide enough to receive sunlight that will recharge the internal Li-ion battery. It also comes with a 15-feet cord to help the solar panel be positioned on an optimal location. As I previously mentioned, amorphous polycrystalline solar panels are great to have as it can still charge the battery even when the weather is overcast.

I like how the manufacturing company cares about its customers. This motion sensor solar flood lights have a one year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee. I was told that they will replace or repair products with legitimate performance issues.

What can be improved about this product is the instructional manual. I think it was written by someone who doesn’t really understand English. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable Casing
  • Has three 180° adjustable light heads
  • Provides up to 1,500 lumens of light
  • The solar panel has a 15-feet cord which can be used to properly position the panel to optimize sunlight absorption
  • It has a 1-year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee for legitimate product concerns
  • The instructional manual is written in incomprehensible English
Aftertaking everything into account , this solar flood light from LEPOWER is a magnificent product. It provides a very bright, but not glaring, quality of light on every area where you point the headlights. It is durable and waterproof as it prevents water from soaking up the important circuitry inside.

7. LITOM Enhanced 102 LED Super Bright Solar Flood Light

LITOM Enhanced 102 LED Super Bright Solar Flood LightBuying high quality solar flood lights that can provide enough illumination and cover movement from a wide angle can be challenging, as there are literally thousands of solar-based products out there that can do the same. However, not all of them can provide the same level of performace as LITOM Enhanced 102 LED Super Bright Solar Flood Light does.

What I truly appreciate about this product is the quality of illumination it provides. For such a compact solar flood light, I was surprised to see how its 102 LED emits up to 1,500 lumens of bright light. Aside from the LEDs on the front side providing good quality of light, at both sides of the light are three bulbs each that emit more light, therefore providing a wider lighting range.

You can easily see how sturdy the product is because of its material. The plastic casing that protects the LEDs is hard enough to withstand a sudden and unintended fall to the ground. It is also tight enough to prevent rain and snow from penetrating inside and soaking up important the circuitries such as the motion sensor, the LEDs, and the internal battery.

The motion detector has a range of 26 feet and 120°. It was programmed to respond only to animals, humans, and vehicle movements so I never worry about waking up in the middle of the night because it detected a falling leaf or dripping water.

The solar panel, on the other hand, converts up to 17% of sunlight to electricity. This is good enough for this kind of solar flood light since many home solar gadgets can only do around 14% energy conversion. In addition, the panel is waterproof and weatherproof, so I don’t worry about it getting damaged during bad weather situations.

What I don’t like about this particular solar flood light is the inconsistency of the motion detector. When I hang both flood lights on my garage door, I noticed that it doesn’t light up even though I’m just in front of it. I went ahead to test the other one and it worked immediately. When I went back to re-test the first one, it worked immediately. After leaving the floodlights alone for an hour, only the second one lights up as soon I got inside its range. I had to walk under the range of the first one twice before it activated.
  • The LEDs provide up to 1,500 lumens of illumination
  • The casing is durable to withstand a fall
  • The unit is waterproof and weatherproof
  • The motion sensor has a 120° range and can detect a movement up to 26 feet
  • The motion detector is inconsistent
When all is said and done, the LITOM Enhanced 102 LED Super Bright Solar Flood Light is a good product to use. It works properly most of the time and can provide enough illumination to see your immediate surroundings at night time.

8. LEPOWER 950 Lumens Solar LED Security Light

LEPOWER 950 Lumens Solar LED Security Light

If you are desperately looking for a high-quality solar flood light that performs efficiently, this 950-lumens floodlight from LEPOWER will help you keep your property illuminated properly.

What I like about this particular solar flood light are the two adjustable headlights. These heads can be adjusted to focus on some areas that you need brighten up. The LEDs inside the floodlights can provide up to 950 lumens of light, depending on the energy level. The motion sensor, on the other hand, can pick up a movement up to 49 feet. This is good especially if the security of your property is your main concern.

I find that the plastic casing is durable and tight. It stops rainwater and snow from getting inside the unit, thus preventing the electronics inside from getting damaged in the process. The crystal clear case in front of the headlights not only protects the LEDs but also spreads the light evenly. I believe that this product will last a very long time in an open area, provided that you don’t try to open the unit and override the motion sensors.

The amorphous polycrystalline solar panel can still replenish the energy supply of the internal battery even during cloudy days. It also comes with a 15-feet cord that can help the panel gather the necessary amount of sunlight.

Just like other LEPOWER products, this solar flood light has a 1-year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee for legitimate concerns. Although I haven’t seen any single issue to send it back for repairs or ask for a replacement, it is still nice to know that I can rely on their promise if ever something happened to it.

The only drawback that I feel about this product is the inconsistency of the motion sensor. After two weeks of working perfectly, the motion sensor started to experience some deterioration.
  • Has two adjustable headlights
  • Can detect up to 49 feet
  • The amorphous polycrystalline solar panel absorbs sunlight even if you do not expose it directly to the sun
  • Comes with a 15-feet long cord that can help you optimize the panel’s sunlight absorption
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee
  • The motion sensor has a tendency to become inconsistent
Concluding what has been said above, the LEPOWER 950 Lumens Solar LED Security Light is a good product. Even though it’s not as bright as the others, it provides light bright enough to help you see on the dark. This solar flood light can also help you deter any wrongdoings in your property such as trespassing, robbery, and theft.

9. Auzev Outdoor Solar Flood Light

Auzev Outdoor Solar Flood LightA reliable solar flood light with remote control may be hard to find, especially if you don’t know which ones really provide the best quality of light. One of the best choices in the market today is the Outdoor Solar Flood Light from Auzev.

What sets this particular solar flood light apart from its competition is its remote control function. Aside from its three sensor modes (dim light sensor mode, full light sensor mode, and middle light mode), you can take control of the floodlight using the remote control. When I woke up in the middle of the night and I wanted to check what’s going on outside, I used the remote control to switch the lights on. This is very convenient for those who want to take full control of their lighting fixtures.

The LEDs are truly spectacular. Its 66 LEDs can provide up to 1,000 lumens of light. The motion sensor can detect a movement for 15 to 20 feet. The solar panel, on the other hand, is big enough to receive sunlight.

The whole unit is very easy to install. I chose a tree near my fence to mount it. The solar panel is large enough to absorb sunlight. Moreover, it can be adjusted properly using the brackets in order to maximize the absorption of sunlight. After a few minutes of adjusting, I was able to find the optimal angle where the solar panel can receive the right amount of sunlight.

What I don’t appreciate about this outdoor flood light with remote control is that it tends to underperform. Though the light is bright enough, it doesn’t have enough energy for the rest of the night. When I tested it at 3 a.m. using the remote control, I found to my disappointment that the unit doesn’t have enough power anymore. To make sure the remote wasn’t the problem, I tested it the next day when it was fully charged and it lit up.
  • The whole unit is fully adjustable to maximize sunlight absorption and angle of illumination
  • It has three motion sensor modes
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • The motion sensor can pick up a movement within its 15 to 20 feet radius
  • Can be easily mounted with just one screw
  • Has 66 LED bulbs
  • The internal battery does not receive enough charge to be used through the night
In a nutshell, this Auzev Outdoor Solar Flood Light is a nice high end product to have in your property because it gives you control. If the panel can charge the battery to its fullest potential, then this would be really excellent.

10. SEA OF COAST Outdoor Wireless Solar Flood Light

SEA OF COAST Outdoor Wireless Solar Flood LightFinding the best outdoor solar flood lights is quite difficult, but there are some products that really stand out amongst the crowd. This Outdoor Wireless Solar Flood Light from SEA OF COAST is one of the top-selling outdoor solar flood lights online so far, and it has fared really well during my tests.

There are many things to like about this particular solar flood light. First is the adjustable illumination angle. I was delighted to find out how easy it is to adjust the headlight and focus it on the location of my choice. The LEDs provides the light that is bright but not glaring.

The 5V solar panel absorbs light perfectly. It can easily replenish its Li-ion battery in just four to five hours of exposure to the sunlight. The motion sensor, on the other hand, is also commendable. It can pick up any movement from within its 5-meter radius. Once it detects a movement, it will immediately light the 8 LEDs and provide maximum illumination for 30 seconds.

The whole unit plus the solar panel are weatherproof and waterproof. It has been raining for two days when I bought and installed this flood light in my backyard. No performance issues yet as far as I can see.

Finally, this product has a 12-month warranty. So far, I haven’t seen any signs of damage or deterioration of performance, but it is nice to know that I can ask for a replacement if in case this unit breaks within the warranty period.

What I don’t like about this product is that the screws provided are very weak. One of the screw heads broke while I’m installing it. I had to search for a spare screw just in order to firmly secure this floodlight on top of my backdoor.
  • The head is adjustable to any angle
  • The solar panel absorbs sunlight fast
  • The motion sensor can detect movement from its 5-meter radius
  • It has a 12-month warranty
  • The screws that come with the package can be improved
Wrapping up, the SEA OF COAST Outdoor Wireless Solar Flood Light is not only a good product; it looks nice as well. Plus it can be easily mounted anywhere in your property. For me, the 12-month warranty is proof enough that you don’t need to worry about the quality of this solar flood light.

What Are Solar Flood Lights?

best outdoor solar flood light

Solar flood lights are a kind of lighting fixtures that provide bright light on a large, mainly outdoor, area. It is powered by an internal battery which is then recharged by a solar panel during the daytime. During the night, the motion sensors get activated to provide illumination when there is movement, although some floodlights can be turned on for the entire night. Solar flood lights are lightweight, compact, and easy to install with minimal wires. It can help you conserve energy, therefore, help you reduce your electric bill.

How Does It work?

Just like other solar-based products, solar flood lights work by collecting sunlight through its solar panels. The collected energy is then converted and stored inside a battery. Once it gets dark, the motion sensors get activated.

Most solar flood lights turn on through its motion sensor. Once it detects a movement, it will automatically light the bulbs, showering a wide area of bright light for a limited time. Some will turn on for 15 seconds, others 30. Still, there are others that can light up for up to 120 seconds.

Although these solar flood lights may provide light from clean and free energy, its power is not unlimited. Its power is still limited by the internal battery’s charge that is incorporated on the specific flood light that you use.

Types of Solar Flood Lights

best solar flood light with motion sensor

There are many types of solar flood lights that can help you illuminate a certain space in your property during night time. These are:

Regular solar flood lights – Regular flood lights are just like any other generic-looking flood lights that are being sold in the market. These have the regular on and off function. They don’t have any distinctive feature that could easily separate them from other special flood lights. In terms of functionality, they can be used to illuminate any kind of space.

Security solar floodlights – If you want to add more security in your property, one of the best ways to do so is by installing security flood lights. These flood lights have motion sensors that automatically switch the lights on once it detects movement on its immediate radius. It is bright enough to illuminate the face of a person walking through your property and have the security cameras identify him.

Security flood lights can also be used for convenience purposes. You can actually use it as a front door light. It will illuminate your front door as you walk by and put your key on the keyhole without having to use another source of light, or if you need to get out to walk your dog.

Landscape solar flood lights – Landscape flood lights are used to illuminate landscape during night time. These flood lights are typically fixed on a certain spot in the garden grounds, with its light pointed upwards. It has a support leg or ground mount that can be thrust into the ground for more stability and security.

The main purpose of landscape flood lights is to make certain objects in your property stand out from the rest. The lights accentuate the things by highlighting it while the rest stay hidden in the shadows, creating a dramatic visual effect.

If you have a huge property with a magnificent garden, backyard, or fountain, the landscape flood lights will definitely help you bring out its beauty every night. These are also great if you have special occasions in your home and you use your garden to entertain.

All in one fixture solar flood lights – All in one fixture flood lights are lights that have all of its components combined into one functional unit. All of its known features such as the solar panel, the battery, motion sensor, and light bulbs are squeezed into one fixture. They are known to be lightweight and compact because you can practically bring and afix them anywhere you want.

Since the design of all in one fixture flood lights are very simple, it can easily be incorporated into any space. It can be used as a decoration element to places in your property such as porch, patio, and garden to name a few. It is detachable, so you can place it on another location once you have found another spot to illuminate. The only limitation to this light source is that it needs to be placed where it will receive sunlight in order to store enough energy. If this wasn’t placed on a good place to recharge, it will never work as you hoped it would.

Solar work lights – If you are working on a project in a large area at night that needs proper illumination, you need to have good work lights with you.

Work lights are not just your all in one solar flood light; it has a metal casing (typically aluminum) that protects the important components inside against tough working conditions. It has a grip handle for safe and quick transport and front glass which protects the bulb. Moreover, it is mounted on a reliable metal stand or tripod to prevent other elements such as water from reaching the circuitry inside. The stand can also be used to provide lighting on any angle required by the worker who uses it. Some work lights come in pairs to provide better illumination.

Post or flagpole flood lights – Lighting a flag or a banner has never been easy. With the help of solar flagpole flood lights, you can display your flag even during night time, while lighting your porch or yard at the same time.

Installing a solar flood light on a flagpole is very strategic. As the flagpole stands in an open area, the solar panel can easily receive a good amount of sunlight that will be stored inside the internal battery. Once the sun sets, the sensor will automatically switch the lights on and illuminate the flag or the object it points.

The good thing about flagpole flood lights is that it is not limited to illuminating a flag only. It can also be used to light other things in the garden or in your front door.

Benefits of Solar Flood Lights

You can enjoy several benefits if you decide to use solar flood lights.

First, you would be able to light a large portion of your property at night without worrying about electricity cost. During the daytime, the solar panels will gather the energy that the flood light needs at night.

Second, you won’t need to switch the lights on just to see where you are walking. Most solar flood lights have motion sensors which automatically switches the lights on when it detects movements within its radius.

The third benefit is that it can help you bring up the beauty of your garden or lawn at night. Some lawns are designed to be highlighted and admired at night which is why many homes use floodlights.

The fourth benefit involves your safety. Solar flood lights can actually help you deter crimes including, but not limited to, trespassing and theft. People with bad intentions will be scared to commit such crimes because they will be illuminated once they enter the place where you installed your solar flood lights. If you have security cameras, it can easily capture the image of the person who is conducting his wrongdoing. The police then will have solid evidence they could use to file a case against that person.

Buying Guide

brightest solar flood light

When I’m shopping for high-quality solar flood light with motion sensor, I ask myself several questions to help me narrow down to what I really need at the time. Some of the questions are:

1. How bright should the floodlights be? Some areas need to have bright illumination, while others need just enough light for you to see where you are walking. One thousand to two thousand lumens are very bright it’s as if you’re onstage. I choose really bright ones for front lawns and backyard for safety purposes and just acceptable lumens (around 300 lumens) for corners and the like.

2. Should I purchase based on the specifications included on the product description or consult the customer reviews? Customer reviews provide some insights about the product the way real customers have used it, so I always read those while still leaving room for trust on the product.

3. How much am I willing to spend on a product? If the specifications and customer reviews have matched considering the price, then I will certainly purchase it. If not, then I will move on to the next product on the menu.

There are some solar-based products that are really expensive. However, if you consider the level of technology employed on the products, you will understand why they are expensive in the first place. But expensive is not always the best; you still need to research around in order to make the most of your budget.

Care and Maintenance

Solar flood lights and other solar-based products do not really require much maintenance and that’s a fact. As long as you make time to inspect the units for damages such as cracks, you can be sure that it will work as intended for a very long time. Water or any liquid may damage the circuitry inside the solar flood light, so make sure you seal any cracks.

To prolong the life of your solar flood lights, regularly clean the solar panels. Wiping it with a dry cloth will remove any standing dust or grime on the surface of the panels. Avoid using detergent cleanser or any abrasive cloth as it could damage the panel’s ability to gather sunlight.

Solar panels can really get hot during the day, so make sure that you schedule your cleaning either early in the morning or before sunset.

Frequently Asked Questions


Solar flood lights vs. Electric

There are basic differences between solar flood lights and electric flood lights. Solar flood lights derive its energy directly from the sun through the use of solar panels. The energy that it gathered during the daytime is converted and stored in an internal battery.

Solar power may be free of charge, but it is not unlimited. The solar flood light can only illuminate a certain area depending on the amount of energy that the panel gathered and the battery stored during the daytime. Once the energy is depleted, the floodlight won’t work again until it replenishes its energy supply.

Electric floodlights, on the other hand, draw its power directly from the power lines. Constant use of this type of light can add to your monthly electricity bill. However, since the lighting fixture itself is constantly connected to a wire, the floodlight provides almost an unlimited light source during night time.

What lumens are good for solar flood lights?

Solar flood lights are available in different lumens. If you want to properly see every corner of your property in the dark or illuminate a certain area for security purposes, the best solar flood light that you should purchase should be at least 1000 lumen solar flood light.

How long do solar flood lights last?

Like all things in this world, solar flood lights come to a point where they don’t work anymore. However, just like other solar-based products, solar flood lights will last a very long time provided that you regularly take care of them. If taken care of properly, it will serve you for about 6 to 7 years.

What types of solar flood lights are the brightest?

Solar flood lights that use LED are the brightest ones that you will see on the market these days. The brightest I have tried so far is one with 2,000 lumens.

How to install solar flood lights?

Installing a solar flood light will make sure that it stays firmly in the location where you have chosen to mount them. There are two different ways to install a solar flood light:

First, if you want to make sure that it stays where you put it 24/7, you can use screws to mount it permanently.

Second is by using adhesive tapes. If you don’t want to leave ugly holes in your walls, this method is the alternative way of mounting it. However, if the location where you want to install your solar flood light is also exposed to rain or snow, you are better off attaching it with screws to prevent it from getting dislodged when the adhesive grows weak.

How to override solar flood lights?

Some people want their flood lights switched on all night long. However, turning a flood light on all night long becomes a challenge especially if you bought ones with motion sensors. This type of lighting fixture automatically switches on when ambient light or daylight is gone and when it detects a movement within its operating radius.

But most solar flood lights that have motion detectors have an override. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Turn the switch on and off within an interval of two seconds. The lights will stay on and therefore overriding the motion detector.
  • To turn it back to normal, turn the switch off and wait for 10 seconds, then turn it back on.

If your solar floodlight doesn’t have an override button or an on-and-off switch, you would have to open it up. You would notice that the motion sensor and the light circuits are in series. Put them in parallel so that it will turn on whether it detects motion or when the switch outside is turned on.

You need to bear in mind though, that by overriding the motion detector, you run the risk of damaging the circuitry inside your solar flood light. Always know the limitations of the product before deciding to manually override it.

Where to buy solar flood lights?

Solar flood lights, just like any other solar-based products, are now available on Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes. However, if you spend most of your time online, you can also purchase it through You will have a wide range of choices and be able to choose top rated products. In addition, there are many reviews that will help you determine if a certain solar powered flood light is right for you or not.


Security, reliability, brightness, and ease of use: these are the main selling points of the best solar flood lights we have featured above. With the information that I’ve shared here regarding lumens, sensor modes and sensitivity, solar panel charging efficiency, and more, you’ll be able to find the perfect solar powered floodlights for your needs.

Best Solar Flood Lights 2019: Reviews & How to Choose?
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