Bandalong Litter Trap


The District of Columbia chose Groundwork Anacostia to maintain and service three District bandalong litter traps over the next two years in partnership with the Anacostia Riverkeeper. We are excited to maintain the Kenilworth Park, Marvin Gaye Park and James Creek Marina litter traps. Our previous contract efforts resulted in approximately 34,000 pounds of trash from entering the Anacostia River.

About the Initiative

Washington D.C. has demonstrated its commitment to the environment and clean water with the purchase and installation of the nation’s first Bandalong Litter Trap™. Storm Water Systems, North America’s exclusive licensee of the Bandalong Litter Trap, installed the floating litter collecting device in the Watts Branch tributary into the Anacostia River, well-known for its critical levels of pollution and litter.

The Bandalong Litter Trap in Washington D.C. is funded by a grant obtained through the collaboration of The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), Groundwork Anacostia River DC (GWARDC), and the Anacostia Riverkeeper. As an educational and training project, GWARDC staff and volunteers will continue to work with the DDOE to maintain and empty the Bandalong. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments estimates that more than 20,000 tons of trash enters the Anacostia River every year.  Additional litter traps have been installed throughout our local watershed, due in part to the wonderful strides Groundwork Anacostia staff and volunteers made over the past three years in removing nearly 34,000 tons of trash from entering the Anacostia River.